Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Field Trip of the Year...Robin Hood!

Last Wednesday, we had the time of our 5th grade lives on our first field trip.  We won a scholarship from Childsplay that gave us a chance to attend a play we may have never have had the chance to attend otherwise.

 Thank you so much Childsplay!!!  Where do we even begin thanking you for such a fantastic day and experience?  You rock!

We rode out to the Tempe Performing Arts Center to see the Childsplay production of Robin Hood.

From "Childsplay Arizona" site
From the mouths of the class themselves, this was the BEST play they have ever seen!  We even loved the really big beautiful theatre and the fancy bathrooms.

Among our favorites were the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was incredibly funny, and Robin Hood.  We laughed our tails off and enjoyed all of the action and fighting scenes.  It was even better when we were able to stand up to chant and be part of the play from our seats.  The set and props were so realistic and the costumes looked really neat.

Waiting for the play to start and feeling super excited about our 2nd and 3rd row seats
Everyone definitely wants to go back again.

Once the play was over, we gathered outside and ate lunch in the park while we enjoyed the cooler weather.  There was time to roll down the hills and splash around in the fountain.  Since we took our classroom outside today, we did sit down to work on finding the plot elements of Robin Hood by working together in the shade of the trees.  It was tricky, but seeing a live play made it more fun to pull a story apart.

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  1. I love it. We will do a compare and contrast and character development. ( Wanted Poster)